Kusatsu Onsen is the most famous hot spring resort in Japan.

We will provide guest with comfortable accommodation.

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by Car by Train Timetable
of bus
from Bus terminal
to Kiyoshigekan

Let's go to Kiyoshigekan!

We cannot provide a pic-up service.

From Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal to Kiyoshigekan it is 3 minutes by taxi or 10 minutes on foot.

From Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal

I will show the route for Kiyoshigekan by The Street View

You have arrived to Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal.

You arrive to the second floor of Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal.
Please go down to the first floor.

When you go out from the waiting room on the first floor, you will see the stainless steel object and the foot bath.
The image of the street viwe looks the building of Bus Terminal(right), the foot bath(left) and the object(right of the foot bath) from the road.

Please turn the image to the left. There is a crossroads with signals.

If you want to go to "Yubatake", please turn the crossroads to the left, and go down a slope.
For Kiyoshigekan, you should go straight at the crossroads.

Turn to the left

There is a T junction 100 meter ahead from the crossroads. The mark is this signboard.
At the T junction, please turn to the left.

Do you need shopping?

There is a convenience store 350 meter ahead from the T junction. This store is the nearest store from us.

Turn to the rigte

There is a crooswalk 100 meter ahead from the store.
Please turn to the right on the road ahead of the crosswalk.

Go up a slope

View from Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal, to Kiyoshigekan in a larger map

There is a slope. please go up the slope. And turn to left along the road.

When you turn to left at the second road in the left side, you will arrive to Kiyoshigekan.



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My name is Naoto Shigeta. I’m a staff of Kiyoshigekan. I want people in the world to know Kusatsu Onsen and Kiyoshigekan. So I make this site.

But my grade of English in school was not good. And I’m not so good at English still. When my English is strange, please pardon it. Please inquire to me, when you cannot understand.

And I have a English blog. I'm writing about sightseeing around Kusatsu and news of season.
Please refer to planning your travel.

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by Car by Train Timetable
of bus
from Bus terminal
to Kiyoshigekan
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