Kusatsu Onsen is the most famous hot spring resort in Japan.

We will provide guest with comfortable accommodation.

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In Kusatsu Town Mt. Shirane Around Kusatsu Bath House


Yubatake is the symbol of Kusatsu, and is located in the center of Kusatsu. It is the most famous source of Onsen.

Many shops, hotels and restaurants are surrounding Yubatake

 please refer to JAPAN GUIDE

 Direction : 10minutes walk from Kiyoshigekan

Yumomi Performance

Yumomi is the traditional method of stirring a too hot Onsen water and lowering temperature.

Yumomi performance is a show of Yumomi with song and dance. And the audience can also experience Yumomi.
Time of the performance is depending on the season. Please ask to our reception desk about the certain time.


Sainokawara Park is located at the west area of Kusatsu Town. Onsen water is gushing out from everywhere, and becomes a river.

And a big open-air bath is in this park.

 please refer JAPAN GUIDE

 Direction : 15~20minutes walk from Kiyoshigekan


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In Kusatsu Town Mt. Shirane Around Kusatsu Bath House
280-4 Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture
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